New German fancy hat!

So I am in the process of translating picture to pattern. I started with the hat. Cause let’s face it I am a hat girl.

 I used buckram for the base. 10in high by 22 in wide sewed it up the back and cut the top 1in down at 1in intervals. I then over lapped the top cuts and stitched down. I cut the outer fabric 11in high by 24in wide . Then sewed the seam and pull stitched the top. The circle to cover the top is a 6in circle.After pining the circle down I straight stitched it to the top fabric.I cut the lining fabric 10in height by 22 in long and the brim fabric 6 in wide by 22 in long. I sewed up the lining fabric seam and joined it to the brim fabric. I then stuffed the black brim fabric.I then hand stitched the brim and lining fabric to the top fabric. And there you have it one fancy German hat. Just needs a few feathers and it will be good to go.


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