New CD

The wonders of technology. I can record and produce a cd right in my living room. Sounds great right. Sure…. 

A few months back I decided I had written enough of my own original work that I could and should record it. The last project I did was with a fellow bard. All the equipment and knowledge “how to” were hers I just showed up and sang.

So with this new pursuit in my mind I set off to obtain the equipment and knowledge I needed to do it on my own. The equipment was easy enough and for the last month I have been playing with program becoming familiar with it. So why has it taken me two hours of agonizing stress to produce one song. Two words….. perfectionism and fear.

This is my work. Songs I sing all the time at events for others to enjoy. I put heart and emotion in them. But when I hear it played back I only hear the imperfections the missed beats the slightly off holds.

I know every artist has their moments of doubt that what the created isn’t good enough. It what makes us strive to be better artists. Then the fear sets in what if no one wants to hear it? What if it’s to plain? What if …..

In the end I know it will be fine. But the worry is in the details and that’s where I am at right now.


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